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2 guys a couple computers, and loads of experience. From San Diego and New York building something new in the North West

Filtered Brand

We aspire to enlist clients who appreciate insightful, comprehensive thinking, and engaging copy and design.  We strive to work with clients who want to get the chills – the good kind, not the flu-symptom kind – upon reviewing what we’ve created. And we work best with folks who are open to sincere collaboration, and lively discussion. Here at Filtered Brand, we can deliver major campaigns and create/launch brands, or just write a great tagline if that’s the only deliverable required. We’d be happy to figure it all out for you.

Filtered TEAM

The Filtered Brand team is a collective of brand strategists, market researchers, copywriters, art directors, and one way past his prime athlete. We’re a rare blend of experienced people who decided to create an agency that’s as responsive as it is resourceful. We work excessively hard to make sure you’re happy every time you see us, talk to us, or think of us.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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